Top 5 Inversion tables in the market

First of all, what exactly is an inversion table?

The inversion table is the device targeted at dealing with back pain and related
issues by the process known as therapeutic inversion. Therapeutic inversion, also known as inversion therapy, involves staying in an inverted angle or upside down position to derive its many benefits. The aim of this therapeutic form is to get your head in a lower position with respect to your heart. This then allows the body to work to counteract the negative effects of gravity which aids in the development of a stronger spine and much more load-bearing joints.

Inversion therapy is a well-researched form of therapy, spanning numerous decades but the use of modern equipment such gravity boots and inversion tables is about 4 decades. The most common type of these devices, the inversion table, claims to lengthen the spine while reducing the muscular activity during the therapeutic process. The inversion table helps you remain in 100% inverted position, providing benefits such as; back pain relief and stress reduction by relaxing the tension on the related back and shoulder muscle, increasing flexibility by improving the strength and shock absorption factor of associated joints and ultimately developing a strong core for improved fitness.

Based on the above listed benefits and a whole lot of unmentioned ones, this article is aimed at delivering a list of trusted
inversion tables proven to deliver the maximum benefits of inversion therapy. The best five are listed in no particular order below;

Teeter Hangups EP 960

This table stables offers a fully sturdy build with its heavy-gauge steel frame. It is designed with the comfort of users in mind with its carefully designed bed which flexes with the user and the added comfortable and secure handles to provide needed assistance during the inversion process.

Health Mark Pro Max

This is probably the most premium table on the market making it one of a kind and more expensive. The bi-positional and non-motorized unique design makes it a strong force in inversion therapy despite the heavy price tag. The frame’s build quality, heavy gauge steel, also makes it an excellent choice for people looking to keep it for a long time.

Ironman Gravity IFT 4000

This table can be tagged as the most technologically advanced inversion table at the moment. Unlike traditional inversion tables, it’s many technological features allows it deliver a different kind of comfort that appeal to users with a high level of technological attraction.

Body Max IT 6000

This table is ideal for individuals with little time or energy on their hands as it makes the process of assembly as uncomplicated as possible. The table is also a very steady and secure one with its durable steel frame and safety lock.

Body Champ IT8070

Despite being and entry level table, the design is well crafted with a light weight frame with a solid build quality. Also, the
assembly and inversion process involves requires little effort on the part of the user. The added ease of storage delivered by the table makes it a great bargain for a table in its price category. It is advised for use by individuals stepping into the inversion therapy process for the first time.